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Videos - August 2018

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2018-08-01 Kelvin Benjamin: "We pride ourselves on brotherhood"
2018-08-01 Austin Proehl: "I'm going to make the most out of every opportunity"
2018-08-01 Sean McDermott: "We've Got Work to Do"
2018-08-01 Nathan Peterman: "All About The Next Rep"
2018-08-01 Josh Allen: "Iron sharpens iron."
2018-08-01 AJ McCarron: "I Try to Bring a Ton of Energy Day In and Day Out"
2018-08-01 Bills Minute: QB's Continue to Rotate; D-Line Shines
2018-08-01 Camp Highlight: Keith Ford Run
2018-08-01 Camp Highlight: Tremaine Endmunds Interception
2018-08-01 Introducing Buffalo Bills: Embedded
2018-08-02 Camp Highlight: Allen to Cam Phillips
2018-08-02 Camp Highlight: McCarron to Kerley
2018-08-02 Tremaine Edmunds: "Trying to Get Better"
2018-08-02 AJ McCarron: "I'm focusing on the type of player, teammate and quarterback I need to be"
2018-08-02 Brandon Reilly: "My goal has always been to play on Sundays"
2018-08-02 Crossman: "This Will Be the Most Important Preseason"
2018-08-02 Bills Minute: Better Than Yesterday
2018-08-04 McDermott: "A Special Night to Connect with Fans"
2018-08-04 Camp Highlight: Marcus Murphy Touchdown
2018-08-04 Camp Highlight: Josh Allen Touchdown Run
2018-08-04 Bills Minute: Return of the Blue & Red
2018-08-04 Sights and Sounds: Return of the Blue & Red
2018-08-05 Kelvin Benjamin: "I'm Just Focusing on the Team Right Now"
2018-08-05 Sean McDermott: "Still a Big Opportunity for Guys to Continue to Step Up"
2018-08-05 Zay Jones: "Great to be Moving Forward"
2018-08-05 Camp Highlight: Vontae Davis Interception
2018-08-05 Camp Highlight: Kelvin Benjamin Catch
2018-08-05 Camp Highlight: Dean Marlowe Interception
2018-08-05 Bills Minute: Zay Jones Returns
2018-08-06 Brandon Beane: "Trying to Get Better at Every Position"
2018-08-06 Kerley: "Separation is Big in this League"
2018-08-06 Micah Hyde: "I think everybody on this defense is motivated"
2018-08-06 Camp Highlight: Rafael Bush Interception
2018-08-06 Camp Highlight: Jeremy Kerley One Handed Catch
2018-08-06 Tremaine Edmunds: 'I'm up for responsibility' of calling plays on defense
2018-08-06 Bills Minute: Bills Acquire Corey Coleman
2018-08-07 Sean McDermott: "We've Got a Plan"
2018-08-07 Corey Coleman: "I'm gonna come in and compete and be the best version of Corey Coleman"
2018-08-07 Brian Daboll: "Have trust amongst all 11 guys"
2018-08-07 Darryl Talley: "I think he's going to be a very good player"
2018-08-07 Camp Highlight: WR Coleman Arrives
2018-08-07 Corey Coleman: "Excited to be Here"
2018-08-08 Bills Minute: Coleman Practices, QB Update
2018-08-09 What’s the Scoop with A.J. McCarron
2018-08-09 Kelvin Benjamin pulls in 11-yard reception
2018-08-09 Can't-Miss Play: Kelvin Benjamin makes slick toe-drag catch
2018-08-09 WR Kelvin Benjamin hauls in 28-yard TD catch
2018-08-10 Chris Ivory catches a short pass and runs for 29 yards
2018-08-10 AJ McCarron completes his first pass as a Bill
2018-08-10 AJ McCarron hits Brandon Reilly for a 59-yard gain
2018-08-10 Harrison Phillips sacks Garrett Gilbert for 9-yard loss
2018-08-10 Marcus Murphy goes up the middle on 7-yard TD run
2018-08-10 Josh Allen takes hit and completes 22-yard pass to Jason Croom
2018-08-10 Josh Allen completes his first pass as a Buffalo Bill
2018-08-10 Allen connects with McCloud III for 25 yards
2018-08-10 Can't-Miss Play: Josh Allen escapes pressure for first down
2018-08-10 Josh Allen makes multiple defenders miss on 11-yard run
2018-08-10 Khari Lee leaps to make 27-yard catch
2018-08-10 Josh Allen throws first touchdown to McCloud III
2018-08-10 Every Josh Allen pass | Preseason Week 1
2018-08-10 Panthers vs. Bills highlights | Preseason Week 1
2018-08-10 McCarron: "I was Proud of the Guys"
2018-08-10 Allen: "I Love this Game Even More"
2018-08-10 Sean McDermott: "We Did Some Good Things"
2018-08-10 Peterman: "Always Things to Learn From"
2018-08-10 Bills Minute: All Three QB's Produced vs. Carolina
2018-08-10 Sean McDermott: "All Three Guys Raised Their Game"
2018-08-11 Honorary Captain Scores Big at the Return of the Blue & Red
2018-08-12 Camp Highlight: Allen to McCloud TD
2018-08-12 Camp Highlight: Allen to Thomas TD
2018-08-12 Sean McDermott: "I Think It's Healthy"
2018-08-12 Bills Minute: Murphys & Moms
2018-08-13 Brian Daboll: "A Lot of Good Things To Learn From"
2018-08-13 Zay Jones: "Very Focused"
2018-08-13 Camp Highlight: McCarron to Croom
2018-08-13 Tre'Davious White: "The game has slowed down so much more for me"
2018-08-13 Sean McDermott: "We had some good results"
2018-08-13 Camp Highlight: Stanford Interception
2018-08-13 Bills Minute: Zay Jones Cleared for Contact
2018-08-14 Leslie Frazier: "We'll get a better feel for the identity of our defense"
2018-08-14 Corey Coleman: "Going Out There and Compete"
2018-08-14 GMFB maps out Bills' 'road to recovery'
2018-08-14 Camp Highlight: Allen to Foster TD
2018-08-14 Camp Highlight: Peterman to Holmes TD
2018-08-15 Bills Minute: Rain Delays Help The Run Game
2018-08-15 Sean McDermott: "We Continue to Grow as a Football Team"
2018-08-15 Camp Highlight: McCarron to Holmes
2018-08-15 Camp Highlight: Allen to Coleman
2018-08-15 Peterman: "That's What Training Camp is For"
2018-08-15 McCarron: "I Feel Great About It"
2018-08-15 Allen: "Gotta Trust the Process"
2018-08-15 Dion Dawkins: "You have to always be on your top game"
2018-08-15 Bills Minute: Final Camp Practice, QB Battle Continues
2018-08-18 Josh Allen finds WR Holmes for 7-yard gain
2018-08-18 Bills RB Marcus Murphy picks up 22 yards
2018-08-18 QB Josh Allen connects with Streater for a TD
2018-08-18 Terrence Fede sacks Mayfield for 8-yard loss
2018-08-18 Dean Marlowe breaks up Mayfield's throw
2018-08-18 Every Josh Allen throw | Preseason Week 2
2018-08-18 Peterman spots wide open O'Leary for a TD
2018-08-18 Bills vs. Browns highlights | Preseason Week 2
2018-08-18 Nathan Peterman: "He Did a Great Job"
2018-08-18 Josh Allen: "Gotta Continue to Improve Each Week"
2018-08-18 Sean McDermott: "A Step in the Right Direction"
2018-08-18 Bills Minute: First Preseason Win
2018-08-19 Sean McDermott: "Time to Move Forward"
2018-08-19 Bills Minute: McCarron and Williams Miss Practice
2018-08-20 Sean McDermott: "One Play at a Time, One Day at a Time"
2018-08-20 John Miller: “I’m putting my best foot forward and trying to be better”
2018-08-20 Bills Minute: Roo-KEYS to Success
2018-08-21 Mic'd Up: Marcus Murphy
2018-08-21 Breaking down Josh Allen's Preseason Week 2 matchup | Baldy's Breakdowns
2018-08-22 Sean McDermott: "AJ [McCarron]'s in Good Spirits"
2018-08-22 Bills Minute: Allen Prepping for Start, Peterman Staying Ready
2018-08-22 Nathan Peterman: "Gonna Be Ready No Matter What"
2018-08-22 Josh Allen: "I'm Not Gonna Take it Lightly"
2018-08-23 Brian Daboll: "Keep on Building"
2018-08-23 Leslie Frazier: "Each Week Get a Little Bit Better at Something"
2018-08-23 Bills Minute: Davis and Murphy Making Plays
2018-08-24 Sean McDermott: "It Gets Right Back to Routine"
2018-08-26 Billy Buffalo Gets a Makeover
2018-08-26 Andy Dalton receives a standing ovation in Buffalo
2018-08-26 Chris Ivory breaks loose from defenders for 20-yard gain
2018-08-26 Kelvin Benjamin rises up for sideline catch
2018-08-26 Bills TE Jason Croom leaps into end zone for TD
2018-08-26 Rafael Bush picks off tipped pass and breaks tackles on a big return
2018-08-26 Cadet drives up the middle for 1-yard touchdown
2018-08-26 Nathan Peterman slings 21-yard pass to Jason Croom
2018-08-26 Nathan Peterman throws a dart to Brandon Reilly for 23 yards
2018-08-26 Bills defenders stop Bengals TE Schreck at goal line
2018-08-27 Bengals vs. Bills highlights | Preseason Week 3
2018-08-27 Sean McDermott: "We've Got a Lot to Learn From"
2018-08-27 Nathan Peterman: "A Lot of Things to Improve On"
2018-08-27 Josh Allen: "I'm Here To Do Whatever I'm Asked To Do"
2018-08-27 Bills Minute: Bills 13, Bengals 26
2018-08-27 What’s the Scoop with Vontae Davis
2018-08-27 Sean McDermott: "Continue to Work"
2018-08-29 Kid Reporters showcase Kids Day Fun!
2018-08-31 Travaris Cadet rushes for 44 yards
2018-08-31 AJ McCarron runs up the middle for 5-yard TD
2018-08-31 Breon Borders intercepts pass from Tyler Bray
2018-08-31 AJ McCarron connects with Robert Foster for a TD
2018-08-31 Logan Thomas pulls picks up 23 yards on pass from AJ McCarron
2018-08-31 AJ McCarron finds Malachi Dupre in the back of the end zone for TD
2018-08-31 Brandon Reilly gets wide open for a 22-yard gain
2018-08-31 Keith Towbridge catches a TD pass for comeback victory
2018-08-31 AJ McCarron delivers pass to Kaelin Clay for 28 yards
2018-08-31 Every AJ McCarron throw | Preseason Week 4
2018-08-31 Bills vs. Bears highlights | Preseason Week 4
2018-08-31 McDermott: "It was a Great Job"
2018-08-31 A.J. McCarron: "It Was Just Awesome"
2018-08-31 Bills Minute: McCarron Leads Comeback Victory