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Videos - October 2020

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2020-10-01 True View highlights | Big plays for the Bills offense | Week 3
2020-10-01 Jordan Poyer: "We Got Some Good Work Done"
2020-10-01 Jordan Poyer: "We Got Some Good Work Done"
2020-10-01 Devin Singletary: "Our Screen Game Has Gotten Better"
2020-10-01 AFC Offensive Player of the Month: Josh Allen
2020-10-01 Brandt: Bills are on 'big time upset alert' vs. Raiders
2020-10-01 Bills Pod Squad | Episode 4 | Mark Davis
2020-10-01 Micah Hyde: "This Team is Being Smart"
2020-10-01 Chill With the Bills: Drip Board Debate
2020-10-01 A.J. Epenesa: "Working to Get Better"
2020-10-02 Andre Roberts: “I Do Feel Comfortable“
2020-10-02 Gabriel Davis: "Living Our Dream Right Now"
2020-10-02 Sean McDermott: "We're Focused on the Raiders"
2020-10-02 Game Theory: Frelund's two major fantasy sleepers entering Week 4
2020-10-02 The Team Reporters: Raiders TV Host Erin Coscarelli
2020-10-02 Levi Wallace talks Bills-Raiders, former Alabama teammates + his favorite gameday songs on GMFB
2020-10-02 Glenn Parker: "Steve Doesn't Need Me To Make Him Look Good"
2020-10-02 Coming Soon: Bills vs. Raiders
2020-10-03 Sportsology: ECMC - Levi Wallace's Interception
2020-10-03 Game Theory | Projections for Bills-Raiders in Week 4
2020-10-03 What fans need to know + predictions for Bills at Raiders | Week 4
2020-10-04 Josh Allen locates Stefon Diggs on a 21-yard throw | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Josh Allen with a 26-yard touchdown pass to Gabriel Davis | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Bills' play design frees up Isaiah McKenzie for third-and-long pickup | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Cole Beasley goes airborne for a third-down helicopter touchdown reception from Josh Allen | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Isaiah McKenzie moves chains on 14-yard fourth-down fly sweep | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Vernon Butler with a spectacular sack | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Andre Roberts turns on jets with electrifying 39-yard punt return | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Can't-Miss Play | Josh Allen hits John Brown in airtight window | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Josh Allen rushes for a one-yard touchdown | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Stefon Diggs with a spectacular catch for a 49-yard gain | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Josh Norman forces a fumble and recovers it | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Devin Singletary rushes for a two-yard touchdown | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Quinton Jefferson with a spectacular sack | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-04 Ed Oliver halts Josh Jacobs for key fourth-down stop | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-05 Every catch by Stefon Diggs from 115-yard game | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-05 Victory Speech: "Keep Growing, Keep Getting Stronger"
2020-10-05 Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde: “Find a Way to Make Plays”
2020-10-05 Josh Allen: "Something Special Here in Buffalo"
2020-10-05 Devin Singletary: "The Whole Sideline Erupted”
2020-10-05 Bills 30, Raiders 23 | NFL game highlights
2020-10-05 Josh Allen's most impressive throws | Bills at Raiders
2020-10-05 Quinton Jefferson: “We All Feed Off Each Other”
2020-10-05 Josh Norman: "You Gotta Bring an Extra Juice Pack with You"
2020-10-05 Sean McDermott: "Highly Competitive Young Men"
2020-10-05 Cole Beasley: "He Really Trusts Us"
2020-10-05 John Brown “No One Was Panicking“
2020-10-05 Victory Monday: Bills Win in Vegas
2020-10-05 'GMFB' awards a Week 4 game ball to this member of the Buffalo Bills
2020-10-05 Gabe's Collision Impact Player of the Game: Stefon Diggs
2020-10-05 Sean McDermott: "Good To Be 4-0"
2020-10-05 Brian Daboll: "Let It Rip"
2020-10-05 Leslie Frazier: "Attack Oriented Defense"
2020-10-06 Mic'd Up: Mario Addison
2020-10-06 'GMFB' highlights dominant Week 4 performances
2020-10-06 Toyota Rookie Club Virtual Youth Football Clinic
2020-10-06 Chopping Wood: Bills Win Big in Vegas
2020-10-07 Coffee with the Bills: Chad Hall
2020-10-07 Sean McDermott: "No Positive Tests As We Speak"
2020-10-07 Josh Allen: “Holding Each Other Accountable”
2020-10-07 Stefon Diggs: “Don’t Want Anybody Sick"
2020-10-07 Jordan Poyer: "Taking All The Right Precautions"
2020-10-07 Devin Singletary: "See How It Plays Out"
2020-10-08 Josh Norman on his Bills debut, Josh Allen's development & more on GMFB
2020-10-08 Recapping Bills' Undefeated Start Through Week 4 | Buffalo Bills
2020-10-08 Bills Pod Squad | Episode 5 | Dawson Knox
2020-10-08 NFL players only: Top 5 MVP candidates at quarter mark
2020-10-08 Micah Hyde: “We Want To Play"
2020-10-08 Mitch Morse: "Preparing Like We Are Playing"
2020-10-09 Cody Ford: “Want to Win and Play Ball“
2020-10-09 NFL Network offers the latest details on Week 5 schedule change | Bills at Titans
2020-10-09 The Team Reporters: Titans' Amie Wells with Maddy Glab
2020-10-09 Tasker's Teammate: Ted Washington
2020-10-09 Josh Allen Fan Box Reveal
2020-10-10 Sportsology: ECMC - Gabriel Davis' 23-Yard Touchdown
2020-10-10 What fans need to know about Bills at Titans + game predictions | Week 5
2020-10-11 Game Preview | Bills vs. Titans | Week 5
2020-10-12 Coming Soon: Bills vs Titans
2020-10-12 Crucial Catch Family Fun Night
2020-10-12 Happy Thanksgiving to All Our Canadian Fans
2020-10-13 Charley Casserly's keys for Bills, Titans to win in Week 5
2020-10-13 'GMFB': Keys for Bills to keep momentum rolling vs. Titans
2020-10-13 BOLD predictions for Bills at Titans | Week 5
2020-10-13 Bills Partner with Tide for New Twist on the Jersey Swap
2020-10-13 2010 | Life the last time the NFL played on a Tuesday
2020-10-13 Isaiah McKenzie catches for a three-yard touchdown pass | BIlls at Titans
2020-10-13 Andre Roberts makes stellar toe-drag catch to convert on third-and-15 | Bills at Titans
2020-10-13 Josh Allen's juke sends Harold Landry to the ground | Bills at Titans
2020-10-14 Josh Allen throws across the field to Stefon Diggs for wild third-down pickup | Bills at Titans
2020-10-14 Corey Bojorquez sends a 74-YARD punt into orbit | Bills at Titans
2020-10-14 Josh Allen with a 22-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Yeldon | Bills at Titans
2020-10-14 T.J. Yeldon winds his way through Titans' defense for 34 yards | Bills at Titans
2020-10-14 Every catch by Stefon Diggs from his 106-yard receiving game | Bills at Titans | Week 5
2020-10-14 Micah Hyde: "Didn't Play Our Type of Football"
2020-10-14 Titans 42, Bills 16 | NFL game highlights | Week 5
2020-10-14 Sean McDermott: “Need to look at ourselves”
2020-10-14 Josh Allen: “We have to learn and move on”
2020-10-14 Mitch Morse: "We All Have Stuff To Learn"
2020-10-14 Gabe's Collision Impact Player of the Game: Stefon Diggs
2020-10-14 Sean McDermott: "Confident In Our Football Team"
2020-10-14 Brian Daboll: "Didn't Get It Done"
2020-10-14 Leslie Frazier: "Need Those Splash Plays"
2020-10-15 What fans need to know about Bills vs. Chiefs + game predictions | Week 6
2020-10-15 Bills Pod Squad | Episode 6 | Kay Adams
2020-10-15 Sean McDermott: "Focused on the Task at Hand"
2020-10-15 Josh Allen: ”Gotta Be Prepared"
2020-10-15 Stefon Diggs: “Everybody is Accountable“
2020-10-16 What's the Scoop: Gabriel Davis
2020-10-16 The Team Reporters: Andrea Kremer with Maddy Glab
2020-10-16 Micah Hyde: “Watched the Film, Made Our Corrections"
2020-10-16 Game Theory: Every Team’s Chance to Make the Playoffs, Week 6
2020-10-16 Mitch Morse: “Execute at the Highest Level”
2020-10-17 Game Preview | Bills vs. Chiefs | Week 6
2020-10-17 Harrison Phillips: “Pressure Comes In Bunches“
2020-10-17 Sean McDermott: “We Turned the Page"
2020-10-18 Coming Soon: Bills vs. Chiefs
2020-10-18 NFL Throwback: Bills’ top 5 plays vs. Chiefs
2020-10-19 Baldy’s Breakdowns: Defending Patrick Mahomes + Chiefs offense & Josh Allen + Bills offense
2020-10-19 Josh Allen scrambles to pick up an early first down | Bills vs. Chiefs
2020-10-19 Cole Beasley gets UP for Josh Allen's high sidearm throw | Bills vs. Chiefs
2020-10-19 Josh Allen sheds Bashaud Breeland on slippery designed QB run | Bills vs. Chiefs
2020-10-19 Stefon Diggs makes stellar toe-dragging TD reception from Josh Allen | Bills vs. Chiefs
2020-10-19 Halftime Show: Bills vs Chiefs
2020-10-19 Josh Norman recovers a Travis Kelce fumble | Bills vs. Chiefs
2020-10-19 Josh Allen with an 8-yard touchdown pass to Cole Beasley | Bills vs. Chiefs
2020-10-19 Josh Allen delivers a dart to Cole Beasley for 22 yards | Bills vs. Chiefs
2020-10-20 Chiefs 26, Bills 17 | NFL game highlights | Week 6
2020-10-20 Jerry Hughes: "Learn From It"
2020-10-20 Josh Allen: “We Weren’t Good Enough”
2020-10-20 Sean McDermott: “We Need to Look Ourselves in the Mirror”
2020-10-20 Devin Singletary: “Get Back to the Basics“
2020-10-20 Buffalo Bills Military Recognition: Week 6
2020-10-20 Bills Honor Cancer Survivors
2020-10-20 Gabe's Collision Impact Player of the Game: Cole Beasley
2020-10-20 Sean McDermott: "Put It Behind Us”
2020-10-20 Chopping Wood: Getting the Bills Back on Track
2020-10-20 Brian Daboll: "Put Our Head Down And Go To Work"
2020-10-20 Leslie Frazier: "This Is A Process"
2020-10-20 Week 6 Inspire Change Organization of the Game: Buffalo Branch NAACP
2020-10-21 What fans need to know + predictions for Bills at Jets | Week 7
2020-10-21 'GMFB': Teams that need a statement win in Week 7
2020-10-21 Sean McDermott: “We Remain Confident in Our Process"
2020-10-21 Jordan Poyer: “We’ve Got the Right Guys"
2020-10-21 Josh Allen: "Shooters Shoot"
2020-10-21 From Buffalo. For Buffalo. Bills Mafia.
2020-10-21 Stefon Diggs: "Growing From It"
2020-10-21 Cole Beasley: "Keep Getting Better"
2020-10-22 Devin Singletary: "Still A Lot of Football to be Played"
2020-10-22 Tre’Davious White: “Everybody Do Their Job"
2020-10-22 Bills Pod Squad | Episode 7 | Howie Long
2020-10-22 Battista: How the Bills can capitalize on the Jets weaknesses in Week 7
2020-10-22 Game Preview | Bills vs. Jets | Week 7
2020-10-22 The Team Reporters: Olivia Landis with Maddy Glab
2020-10-22 Tremaine Edmunds: “We’re All About Each Other Here”
2020-10-22 Jerry Hughes: “We Have to Be Those Dogs“
2020-10-22 Practice highlights | Bills at Jets | Week 7
2020-10-23 Micah Hyde: “We’re Still Figuring Out Our Identity”
2020-10-23 Coming Soon: Bills at Jets
2020-10-23 Sean McDermott: "Continue to Work"
2020-10-23 Dion Dawkins: "We Have to Score More Points"
2020-10-24 Kay Adams' Top 5 fantasy values for Week 7
2020-10-24 Sportsology: ECMC - Cole Beasley's 22-Yard Reception
2020-10-24 Bills Takeoff For New York 
2020-10-25 Josh Allen evades pass rushers to hit Cole Beasley for a 23-yard gain | Bills at Jets
2020-10-25 Rookie Tyler Bass hits career-long 53-yard field goal | Bills at Jets
2020-10-25 Tight end Reggie Gilliam makes a 15-yard reception | Bills at Jets
2020-10-25 Rookie cornerback Dane Jackson intercepts the Sam Darnold pass | Bills at Jets
2020-10-25 Andre Roberts opens the second half with a 58-yard kick return | Bills at Jets
2020-10-25 Josh Allen lobs a sideline pass to Tyler Kroft for 38 yards | Bills at Jets
2020-10-25 Zack Moss breaks free for longest run of his career | Bills at Jets
2020-10-25 Jerry Hughes intercepts Sam Darnold's pass to seal the victory | Bills at Jets
2020-10-25 Bills 18, Jets 10 | NFL game highlights | Week 7
2020-10-25 Victory Speech: “Keep Finding a Way Every Week”
2020-10-25 Tyler Bass: “You Have to Trust Your Process”
2020-10-25 Jerry Hughes and Tremaine Edmunds: “We Were Playing Fast"
2020-10-25 Sean McDermott: "Good To Be On A Normal Schedule"
2020-10-25 Dane Jackson: “You Have To Be Ready When Your Number is Called”
2020-10-25 Josh Allen: "It's A Division Win"
2020-10-25 Every Tyler Bass field goal from his 18-point game | Bills at Jets
2020-10-25 Every game-changing play by the Bills' defense | Bills at Jets | Week 7
2020-10-26 Cole Beasley: “Get Back and Get Better”
2020-10-26 Victory Monday: Bills Ground the Jets
2020-10-26 Mitch Morse: “We’ll Learn and Adjust”
2020-10-26 Tyler Kroft: "I Knew We Were All Good"
2020-10-26 Gabe's Collision Impact Player of the Game: Tyler Bass
2020-10-26 Sean McDermott: “Every Year You Get Tested”
2020-10-26 Brian Daboll: "I Just Know How Important Football In General Is To This Community" 
2020-10-26 Leslie Frazier: "Always Good to Win”
2020-10-27 Josh Allen's best plays from his 300-yard+ passing, 60-yard+ rushing day | Week 7
2020-10-27 Eric Wood: How Bills are cementing their spot in AFC East
2020-10-27 Chopping Wood: Bills Defense Grounds the Jets
2020-10-28 What fans need to know about Bills vs. Patriots + game predictions | Week 8
2020-10-28 Sean McDermott: "Result Of The Process"
2020-10-28 Jordan Poyer: “Come in With the Right Mindset"
2020-10-28 Josh Allen: "Execute on Sunday"
2020-10-28 Stefon Diggs: "One Day At A Time"
2020-10-28 Crunchtime Play of the Game - Jerry Hughes
2020-10-28 Devin Singletary: "Four Quarter Battle"
2020-10-29 Jerry Hughes: “We’re Going to Be Ready“
2020-10-29 Bills Pod Squad | Episode 8 | Benny the Butcher
2020-10-29 Game Preview | Bills vs. Patriots | Week 8
2020-10-29 The Team Reporters: Maddy Glab with Patriots reporter Megan O’Brien
2020-10-29 What's the Scoop: Taron Johnson
2020-10-29 Ed Oliver: "You Can Always Take Another Step"
2020-10-29 Matt Milano: "Making Progress Every Week"
2020-10-29 Cole Beasley: "It Makes You Want to Run Through a Wall for Him"
2020-10-29 Chill With the Bills: The Great Movie Debate
2020-10-29 Tre'Davious White: "We're Going to Have to Hone in on Our Keys This Week"
2020-10-30 Sean McDermott: "Play Our Best Football"
2020-10-30 Bills Legends Breakdown: Terrence McGee
2020-10-30 Greg Cosell on Bills-Patriots and Week 8
2020-10-30 Dion Dawkins: “Just Another Week“
2020-10-31 Sportsology: ECMC - Tyler Kroft's 38-Yard Reception
2020-10-31 Coming Soon: Bills vs Patriots