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Videos - December 2018

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2018-12-01 Bills Baby: Best Smile
2018-12-01 Sportsology: ECMC - Robert Foster's 75-yard Touchdown
2018-12-02 Bills DE Trent Murphy sacks Miami QB Ryan Tannehill
2018-12-02 Allen pushes Alonso around on 11-yard run
2018-12-02 Josh Allen slings a dime to Zay Jones for 15-yard TD
2018-12-02 Allen breaks loose into open field on 17-yard rush
2018-12-02 Patrick DiMarco turns short pass from Allen into 38-yard gain
2018-12-02 Zay Jones hauls in toe-tap sideline grab
2018-12-02 Hyde answers with an INT on following play
2018-12-02 Josh Allen escapes pressure, shows speed on 28-yard rush
2018-12-02 Allen squeezes ball between 3 defenders to Zay Jones for TD
2018-12-02 Allen tosses quick pass to Jones for successful two-point conversion
2018-12-02 Bills vs. Dolphins highlights | Week 13
2018-12-02 Sean McDermott: "Got to Learn from it and Move Forward"
2018-12-02 Josh Allen: "The Game Came Down to One or Two Opportunities"
2018-12-02 Jerry Hughes: "Great Learning Experience for all These Young Guys"
2018-12-02 Every catch by Zay Jones against the Dolphins | Week 13
2018-12-02 Best plays from Josh Allen's big day vs. the Dolphins | Week 13
2018-12-02 Charles Clay: "It's Hard, but I'll Bounce Back"
2018-12-02 Zay Jones: "Moving in the Right Direction with Him"
2018-12-03 Bills Minute: Bills Fall to Dolphins on the Road
2018-12-03 Monday Morning Breakdown: Week 13
2018-12-03 Carubba Collision: Alexander sacks Tannehill
2018-12-03 30 Blitz: Bills at Dolphins
2018-12-03 2018 Play 60 Game Day Celebration
2018-12-03 Brian Daboll: "Fought 'til the End"
2018-12-03 Sean McDermott: "It Matters to These Guys"
2018-12-03 Leslie Frazier: "Battling to Get Wins"
2018-12-04 A My Cause My Cleats Surprise
2018-12-04 Life on the Sidelines: Phoebe Schecter
2018-12-05 Week 14: Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2018-12-05 Sean McDermott: "Grow This Football Team"
2018-12-05 Josh Allen: "Build These Next Four Weeks"
2018-12-05 Zay Jones: "Same Hunger, Same Focus"
2018-12-05 Bills Minute: Roster Additions, Receiver Opportunities
2018-12-06 2018 Walter Payton Man of the Year – Lorenzo Alexander
2018-12-06 Game Preview: Jets vs Bills
2018-12-06 Film Room: Josh Allen's Top Throws vs. Dolphins
2018-12-06 What are the Odds: Matt Milano
2018-12-07 What's the Scoop with Harrison Phillips
2018-12-07 Chill with the Bills: My Cause My Cleats
2018-12-07 Coming Soon: Jets vs. Bills
2018-12-07 Watch: Coach McDermott and Kids of Oishei Children's Hospital design custom New Era knit cap
2018-12-08 Bills Baby: Best Celebration
2018-12-08 Sportsology: ECMC - Josh Allen's 28-yard Scramble
2018-12-09 One Buffalo Organization of the Game: United Way of Buffalo and Erie County
2018-12-09 Allen stiff arms Williams breaking through the gap for a 31-yard rush
2018-12-09 Josh Allen beats pressure for diving TD run
2018-12-09 Isaiah McKenzie sprints into the end zone for a 15-yard TD
2018-12-09 Josh Allen turns scramble into 21-yard gain
2018-12-09 Allen darts pass to Foster for 17 yards
2018-12-09 Andre Roberts fumbles and Patrick DiMarco recovers
2018-12-09 Tremaine Edmunds records first-career INT on Sam Darnold
2018-12-09 Robert Foster catches and runs for 38 yards
2018-12-09 Jets vs. Bills highlights | Week 14
2018-12-09 Jones: "We Didn't Put Ourselves in the Best Position"
2018-12-09 Alexander: "We Have to Find a Way to Get Stops"
2018-12-09 Josh Allen: "Gotta Be Smarter with the Football"
2018-12-09 Sean McDermott's Post-Game Presser
2018-12-10 Bills Minute: Bills Fall to Jets at Home
2018-12-10 Monday Morning Breakdown: Week 14
2018-12-10 Carubba Collision: Alexander Goal Line TFL
2018-12-10 30 Blitz: Bills vs. Jets
2018-12-10 McDermott: Milano Out, McCoy Day to Day
2018-12-10 Brian Daboll: "Left Some Plays Out There"
2018-12-10 Leslie Frazier: "More Comfortable In This System"
2018-12-11 Tre White Goalie Academy
2018-12-11 Mic'd Up: Sean McDermott
2018-12-12 Week 15: Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2018-12-12 Life on the Sidelines: Bills Grounds Crew
2018-12-12 Sean McDermott: "Finding Consistent Success"
2018-12-12 Josh Allen: "Finding Ways to Win"
2018-12-12 What's the Scoop with Dion Dawkins
2018-12-12 Kyle Williams: "Continue to Prepare"
2018-12-12 Bills Minute: Roster Additions, Importance of Final 3 Games
2018-12-13 Josh Allen's best runs from record-setting three-week spree | Weeks 12-14
2018-12-13 Micah Hyde: "Always Going to Compete"
2018-12-13 Game Preview: Lions vs Bills
2018-12-14 Coming Soon: Bills vs. Lions
2018-12-14 Sean McDermott: "Something We have to Keep an Eye On"
2018-12-14 Chill with the Bills: College Bowl Game Predictions
2018-12-14 Better Half of the Bills: Kirstin DiMarco
2018-12-15 Sportsology: ECMC - Robert Foster? More like Robert Faster
2018-12-15 Fred Jackson’s Ultimate Upgrade
2018-12-15 My View: Isaiah McKenzie
2018-12-16 One Buffalo Organization of the Game Award: The Boys & Girls Club of Buffalo
2018-12-16 Josh Allen connects with Robert Foster for 28-yard gain
2018-12-16 Josh Allen rushes for a 3-yard touchdown
2018-12-16 Robert Foster catches for a 31-yard gain
2018-12-16 Shaq Lawson swats ball from Stafford for huge third down stop
2018-12-16 Can't-Miss Play: Allen floats deep ball to Foster for huge TD
2018-12-16 Josh Allen lofts perfect pass to Jason Croom for 25 yards
2018-12-16 Lions vs. Bills highlights | Week 15
2018-12-16 Every Josh Allen to Robert Foster connection | Week 15
2018-12-16 Sean McDermott: "Win Close Games"
2018-12-16 Watch: Post Game Speech
2018-12-16 Josh Allen: "There Was No Panic"
2018-12-17 Micah Hyde: "It Means Everything"
2018-12-17 Robert Foster: "We Pick Each Other Up"
2018-12-17 Lorenzo Alexander: "Close Out on Defense"
2018-12-17 Bills Minute: Bills win at home 14-13
2018-12-17 Monday Morning Breakdown: Week 15
2018-12-17 Carubba Collision: Poyer 3rd Down Tackle
2018-12-17 30 Blitz: Lions vs. Bills
2018-12-17 Sean McDermott: "The Locker Room's Been Built with High-Character Guys"
2018-12-18 Brian Daboll: "You've Got to Be in the Right Mindset"
2018-12-18 Leslie Frazier: "Lot of Fun Yesterday Walking Off That Field"
2018-12-18 What are the Odds: Stephen Haushcka
2018-12-18 Better Half of the Bills: Meghan Hughes
2018-12-19 Week 16: Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2018-12-19 Tre White Goalie Academy Bloopers
2018-12-19 Sean McDermott: "Take Another Step"
2018-12-19 Josh Allen: "Learn From Every Situation"
2018-12-19 Lorenzo Alexander: "Play Physical, Play Fast"
2018-12-19 Tre'Davious White: "Focused on Finishing these Last two Games Strong."
2018-12-19 Bills Minute: Pro Bowl Reaction, WR Depth added
2018-12-20 Toyota Rookie Club Christmas Party
2018-12-20 Film Room: Top Plays vs. Detriot Lions
2018-12-20 One Buffalo Holidays: Zay Jones in Elf
2018-12-20 Game Preview: Bills vs Patriots
2018-12-20 LeSean McCoy: "Finish The Season Strong"
2018-12-21 Beyond Blue and Red: Josh Allen and Super Cade - Never Ever Give Up
2018-12-21 Chill with the Bills: A Very Reid Christmas
2018-12-21 Coming Soon: Bills vs. Patriots
2018-12-21 Better Half of the Bills: Jill Williams
2018-12-22 Sportsology: ECMC - Robert Foster's 42-yard Touchdown
2018-12-22 One Buffalo Holidays: Kyle Williams and Harrison Phillips in Love Actually
2018-12-23 Micah Hyde recovers a Patriots fumble
2018-12-23 Bills swarm Brady for big sack
2018-12-23 Lorenzo Alexander jumps in front of Brady's pass for INT
2018-12-23 Bills safety Jordan Poyer intercepts Tom Brady 
2018-12-23 Josh Allen throws dart to Jason Croom for first down
2018-12-23 Josh Allen finds Zay Jones for a 31-yard touchdown 
2018-12-23 Josh Allen throws to Robert Foster for first down
2018-12-23 Bills vs. Patriots highlights | Week 16
2018-12-23 Sean McDermott: "When You Have Opportunities, You Have to Make Plays."
2018-12-23 LeSean McCoy: We Didn't Capitalize Today."
2018-12-23 Josh Allen: "We'll Learn from This One."
2018-12-23 Kyle Williams: "It Comes Down to Execution."
2018-12-24 Bills Minute: Bills Fall to The Patriots
2018-12-24 Carubba Collision: Corey Thompson Forces Fumble
2018-12-24 One Buffalo Holidays: Outtakes
2018-12-24 30 Blitz: Bills vs. Patriots
2018-12-25 Bills Spread Holiday Cheer
2018-12-25 Kid Convos: Holiday Edition
2018-12-26 Sean McDermott: "It Takes Eleven Guys to Make One Play"
2018-12-26 Josh Allen: "Learned A Lot"
2018-12-26 Bills Minute: Week 17 Rematch
2018-12-26 Lorenzo Alexander: "Too Much Passion About What We Do"
2018-12-27 Film Room: Lorenzo Alexander
2018-12-27 Week 17: Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2018-12-27 Game Preview: Dolphins vs Bills
2018-12-27 What's the Scoop with Jordan Phillips
2018-12-27 Brian Daboll: "Keep Building, Keep Improving"
2018-12-27 Leslie Frazier: "Go Out With A Win"
2018-12-27 Kyle Williams: "I Feel I Can Continue To Play"
2018-12-27 The Super Bowl Ticket Fan Face-Off | Episode 1
2018-12-28 Jerry Hughes: Flip the Switch
2018-12-28 Watch: Kyle Williams Highlights
2018-12-28 Sean McDermott: "A Special Player, A Special Person"
2018-12-28 What are the Odds: Lorenzo Alexander
2018-12-28 Kyle Williams: "I Am Always Going To Be A Buffalo Bill"
2018-12-28 Watch: Kyle Williams Announces Retirement to Team
2018-12-28 Kyle Williams Retirement: Reaction from Around the Locker Room
2018-12-28 Coming Soon: Bills vs. Dolphins
2018-12-29 Sportsology: ECMC - Best Plays of the 2018 Season
2018-12-29 Chill with the Bills: DB's White Elephant Gift Exchange
2018-12-29 The Super Bowl Ticket Fan Face-Off | Episode 2
2018-12-29 Better Half of the Bills: Manjanique Alexander
2018-12-30 One Buffalo Organization of the Game Award: Gateway Longview
2018-12-30 Kyle Williams takes the field for the final time in NFL career
2018-12-30 Josh Allen completes pass to Chris Ivory for a 46-yard gain
2018-12-30 Kyle Williams' family greets him on the field for last game
2018-12-30 Josh Allen rushes for a 1-yard touchdown
2018-12-30 Tre'Davious White intercepts a Ryan Tannehill pass
2018-12-30 Tremaine Edmunds hauls in one-handed INT of Ryan Tannehill
2018-12-30 Can't-Miss Play: Zay Jones leaps for catch-and-run TD
2018-12-30 LeSean McCoy weaves past defenders for first down
2018-12-30 Allen shows incredible agility with slip and run for first down
2018-12-30 Jason Croom catches for a 26-yard gain 
2018-12-30 Josh Allen rushes for a 35-yard gain 
2018-12-30 Shaq Lawson barrels through to sack Tannehill
2018-12-30 Jerry Hughes bulldozes through line to sack Tannehill
2018-12-30 Josh Allen finds Robert Foster for a 5-yard TD pass
2018-12-30 Harrison Phillips recovers a Ryan Tannehill fumble
2018-12-30 LeSean McCoy rushes for a 9-yard touchdown
2018-12-30 Zay Jones picks up 21 yards on catch
2018-12-30 Can't-Miss Play: Josh Allen rushes for his longest TD run of 2018
2018-12-30 Trent Murphy recovers Dolphins' fumble
2018-12-30 Zay Jones goes untouched on 26-yard TD pass
2018-12-30 Kyle Williams catches first career pass
2018-12-30 Bills fans roar as Kyle Williams leaves the field for last time
2018-12-30 Dolphins vs. Bills highlights | Week 17
2018-12-30 Every Zay Jones catch from 2-TD game | Week 17
2018-12-30 Best moments from Kyle Williams' career finale | Week 17
2018-12-30 Best plays from Josh Allen's 5 TD day | Week 17
2018-12-30 Sean McDermott: "Important To Me That We Honor Kyle"
2018-12-31 Watch: Post Game Speech
2018-12-31 Josh Allen: "A Lot of Progress This Year"
2018-12-31 Phillips: "We Have Guys with High Character"
2018-12-31 McCoy: "He's had a Great Career"
2018-12-31 Kyle Williams: "A Lot of Ups, Downs, and Tears"
2018-12-31 Bills Minute: 42-17 Victory in Williams' Farewell
2018-12-31 Kyle Williams on retiring after 13 seasons: 'It's time to go and be a dad'
2018-12-31 Watch: Kyle Williams' Final Pregame Speech
2018-12-31 Carubba Collision: Shaq Lawson Sack
2018-12-31 Micah Hyde: "We Are On The Doorstep"
2018-12-31 Lorenzo Alexander: "Continue to Play Here, Retire Here"
2018-12-31 30 Blitz: Dolphins vs Bills
2018-12-31 Josh Allen: "This is My Home Now"
2018-12-31 Sean McDermott: "Continuing to Drive this Football Team"
2018-12-31 Brandon Beane: "Was a Great Way to Finish"
2018-12-31 Watch: The Best of Bills Fan Reactions
2018-12-31 Watch: From Kickoff to Celebration