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Videos - October 2016

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2016-10-01 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2016-10-01 Watch: Bills-Patriots Preview
2016-10-01 Behind the Scenes: Bruce Smith Jersey Retirement
2016-10-02 Tyrod Taylor finds LeSean McCoy for a 7-yard touchdown catch
2016-10-02 Tyrod Taylor jukes Dont'a Hightower for a 14-yard run
2016-10-02 Zach Brown forces Jacoby Brissett fumble recovered by Bills
2016-10-02 Jerry Hughes sacks Jacoby Brissett for a 14-yard loss
2016-10-02 LeSean McCoy weaves through tacklers for 9-yard gain
2016-10-02 Week 4: Bills vs. Patriots highlights
2016-10-02 Week 4: LeSean McCoy highlights
2016-10-02 Week 4: Bills Defense highlights
2016-10-02 Rex Ryan: "It feels good to finally win here"
2016-10-02 Tyrod Taylor: "We had the right plan"
2016-10-02 LeSean McCoy: "We just played hard"
2016-10-02 Robert Woods: "We're going out there executing"
2016-10-02 Zach Brown: "It's a great win"
2016-10-02 Preston Brown: "We're playing pretty well"
2016-10-02 Watch: Bills Score Historic Win in Foxborough
2016-10-02 Watch: Rex Ryan's Locker Room Speech
2016-10-02 Brownie Point: Aaron Williams PBU
2016-10-02 Brownie Point: Ramon Humber Tackle
2016-10-02 Brownie Point: LeSean McCoy Run
2016-10-03 Watch: Bills Defense Delivers Shutout
2016-10-03 Deion Sanders:Rex Ryan comes out swinging
2016-10-03 Carubba Collision: Zach Brown Forced Fumble
2016-10-03 Call of the Game: Taylor to McCoy Touchdown
2016-10-03 Wired for Sound: Zach Brown
2016-10-03 Rex Ryan: "He's Definitely Gonna Play"
2016-10-04 30 Blitz: Bills vs Patriots
2016-10-04 A Star on the Field Brightening those off of it
2016-10-05 Rex Ryan: "Excited to Have Marcell Back"
2016-10-05 Marcell Dareus: "I'm happy to be back"
2016-10-05 Zach Brown: "One Piece of the Puzzle Came Back"
2016-10-05 LeSean McCoy: "They're a fast group"
2016-10-05 Tyrod Taylor: "Have to be fundamentally sound"
2016-10-05 Watch: Marcell Back, AFC Defensive Award Winner
2016-10-06 Robert Woods: "We Need to Play Consistent"
2016-10-06 Eric Wood: "We are Running the Ball Better"
2016-10-06 Kyle Williams: "He is a Big Part of the Defense"
2016-10-06 Watch: Rex Ryan
2016-10-06 Dennis Thurman: "Means a Lot to the People of LA"
2016-10-06 Anthony Lynn: "We Have to Block Them"
2016-10-06 Coming Soon: "Bills vs. Rams"
2016-10-07 Watch: Final Injury Report
2016-10-07 Watch: Bills-Rams Preview
2016-10-08 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2016-10-09 Brownie Point: LeSean McCoy Blitz Pick Up
2016-10-09 Brownie Point: Colton Schmidt's 50 Yard Punt
2016-10-09 Brownie Point: Lorenzo Alexander Tipped Pass
2016-10-09 Tyrod Taylor goes down the middle for a gain of 22
2016-10-09 Justin Hunter’s first catch as a Bill goes for touchdown
2016-10-09 Charles Clay pulls in a 29-yard reception
2016-10-09 Mike Gillislee take the pitch in for a touchdown
2016-10-09 LeSean McCoy sprints down the middle for a gain of 53
2016-10-09 Nickell Robey-Coleman picks off Case Keenum, takes it in for a TD
2016-10-09 Marquise Goodwin pulls in a 6-yard touchdown reception
2016-10-09 Nickell Robey-Coleman picks off Case Keenum
2016-10-09 Week 5: Bills vs. Rams highlights
2016-10-09 Rex Ryan: "It was a great win"
2016-10-09 McCoy: "It came down to finishing the game out"
2016-10-10 Alexander: "If You're in the NFL, You Can Play"
2016-10-10 Robey-Coleman: "We Just Stuck With the Game Plan"
2016-10-10 Tyrod Taylor: "We're a Very Confident Team"
2016-10-10 Watch: Bills Beat Rams for Third Straight Win
2016-10-10 Must Watch: Rex Ryan's Locker Room Speech
2016-10-10 Preston Brown: "Just Trying to Win Games"
2016-10-10 Richie Incognito: "A Great Team Win"
2016-10-10 Ronald Darby: "We Just Need to Keep Pushing "
2016-10-10 Week 5: LeSean McCoy highlights
2016-10-10 Carubba Collision: Alexander Special Team Tackle
2016-10-10 Call of the Game: Robey-Coleman Pick 6
2016-10-10 Watch: Defense Continues to Lead the Way
2016-10-10 Wired for Sound: Lorenzo Alexander
2016-10-10 Ryan:"Resilient group, reminds us of our fan base"
2016-10-11 30 Blitz: Bills vs Rams
2016-10-11 Kim Pegula Visits ECMC in honor of BCA Month
2016-10-11 Play 60 and Indepedent Health Fitness Challenge
2016-10-11 Week 6 Game Preview: 49ers vs. Bills
2016-10-11 Tyrod Taylor on young wide receivers & fashion
2016-10-12 Schrager: 'That Bills team showed me so much'
2016-10-12 Rex Ryan: "We Need to Focus on this Opponent"
2016-10-12 Corbin Bryant: "One Game at a Time"
2016-10-12 Tyrod Taylor: "He Lets Us Be Ourselves"
2016-10-12 LeSean McCoy: "Starts with the Guys Up Front"
2016-10-12 Watch: Injury updates, Robey-Coleman Earns Honors
2016-10-12 Richie Incognito: "We Just Have to Make Plays"
2016-10-12 Preston Brown: "It's going to be a tough challenge
2016-10-12 Dareus: "Trying to Work My Way Into Running"
2016-10-13 Lorenzo Alexander: "We want to simplify things"
2016-10-13 Bills Honor Local Veteran Fighting Cancer
2016-10-13 Stephon Gilmore: "We've Got to Lock In"
2016-10-13 Kyle Williams: "Toughest Game of the Year to Date"
2016-10-13 Dennis Thurman: "We Have to Prepare"
2016-10-13 Anthony Lynn: "Execution Can be Better"
2016-10-13 Rex Ryan: "We Choose the Type of Tempo"
2016-10-13 Coming Soon: "49ers vs. Bills"
2016-10-14 Rex Ryan: "We'll See How He Feels"
2016-10-14 Robey-Coleman: I broadened my horizons at USC
2016-10-14 Watch: 49ers-Bills Preview
2016-10-14 Diamond in the Rough: CB Robey-Coleman
2016-10-14 Bills Fan Wins Trip to LA on Team Plane
2016-10-14 Schrager's Ones to Watch: Jim Monos
2016-10-15 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2016-10-16 Brownie Point: Preston Brown 4th Down Run Stuff
2016-10-16 Brownie Point: Eric Wood Block on McCoy 2nd TD
2016-10-16 Brownie Point: Felton/Clay Blocks Lead to McCoy TD
2016-10-16 Tyrod Taylor scrambles for first down
2016-10-16 LeSean McCoy runs in 4-yard TD
2016-10-16 Tyrod Taylor finds Charles Clay for 20-yard gain
2016-10-16 Can't-Miss Play: Shady runs in another TD
2016-10-16 LeSean McCoy runs for 38 yards
2016-10-16 LeSean McCoy comes through on 3rd and long
2016-10-16 Tyrod Taylor finds Justin Hunter for 30-yard TD
2016-10-16 LeSean McCoy cuts through defenders for first down
2016-10-16 LeSean McCoy runs 18 yards for third TD
2016-10-16 Tyrod Taylor scrambles for 21-yard gain
2016-10-16 Bills recover 49ers fumble
2016-10-16 Tyrod Taylor finds Robert Woods for 5-yard TD
2016-10-16 Mike Gillislee 44-yard TD run
2016-10-16 Week 6: 49ers vs. Bills highlights
2016-10-16 Week 6: LeSean McCoy highlights | Every Run
2016-10-16 Kyle Williams: "We've Prepared Really Really Well"
2016-10-16 Must Watch: Rex Ryan's Locker Room Speech
2016-10-16 Lorenzo Alexander: "Our Offense Set the Tone"
2016-10-16 Week 6: Tyrod Taylor highlights | Every run, every completion
2016-10-16 Tyrod Taylor: "Guys Went Out There and Made Plays"
2016-10-16 Richie Incognito: "We Handled Our Business"
2016-10-16 Rex Ryan:"We Have to Win Games We Are Supposed to"
2016-10-16 LeSean McCoy: "The Big Picture is Winning"
2016-10-16 Watch: Bills Beat 49ers for Fourth Straight Win
2016-10-17 Watch: McCoy & Rushing Attack Continue to Roll
2016-10-17 Carubba Collision: Kevon Seymour Cartwheel Tackle
2016-10-17 Call of the Game: LeSean McCoy's 3rd TD of the Day
2016-10-17 McCoy: 'We're just a winning team right now'
2016-10-17 Baldinger: Anthony Lynn is doing wonders for Bills' ground attack
2016-10-17 Wired for Sound: LeSean McCoy
2016-10-17 Rex Ryan: "It's All About Miami"
2016-10-18 30 Blitz: 49ers vs Bills
2016-10-18 "Come Back Even Stronger"
2016-10-18 Top 3 RBs of Week 6
2016-10-19 "I Can't Believe I'm a Buffalo Bill"
2016-10-19 Week 7 Underappreciated: Lorenzo Alexander and Houston Texans
2016-10-19 Rex Ryan:"The Only Way to Get Better is Hard Work"
2016-10-19 Watch: Injury Update on McCoy
2016-10-19 Tyrod Taylor: "Boils Down to Just Executing"
2016-10-19 Mike Gillislee: "I Give It My All"
2016-10-19 Marcell Dareus: "I Feel Good"
2016-10-19 Shaq Lawson: "Happy to Get Back on the Field"
2016-10-19 Watch: LeSean Injury Update, Shaq Practices
2016-10-19 Robey-Coleman: "I'm Waiting for Sunday"
2016-10-20 Bills Players Walk the Pink Carpet for BCA
2016-10-20 Move the Sticks predicts Bills-Dolphins
2016-10-20 'Sound FX': Rex Ryan
2016-10-20 Rex Ryan: "He Looks Like the Guy We Drafted"
2016-10-20 Robert Woods: "I'm Doing Everything Possible"
2016-10-20 Anthony Lynn: "Figure Out a Way to Win"
2016-10-20 Dennis Thurman: "It's Not Gonna Be Easy"
2016-10-20 Coming Soon: "Bills vs. Dolphins"
2016-10-21 Helping Out at a Local Dairy Farm
2016-10-21 LeSean McCoy: "We'll See What Happens'
2016-10-21 A Day of Surprises for Breast Cancer Survivors
2016-10-21 Rex Ryan: "We Will be Smart With Him"
2016-10-21 Watch: Bills-Dolphins Preview
2016-10-21 Diamond in the Rough: RB Mike Gillislee
2016-10-22 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2016-10-23 Bills block Dolphins punt to gain field position
2016-10-23 Tyrod Taylor fakes hand off on TD run
2016-10-23 Can't-Miss Play: Marquise Goodwin blows past Dolphins defense
2016-10-23 Mike Gillislee goes up the middle for 20-yard run
2016-10-23 Rex Ryan: "They Controlled the Game"
2016-10-23 Tyrod Taylor scrambles for 7 yards
2016-10-23 Bills RB Reggie Bush gets a TD
2016-10-23 Tyrod Taylor finds Brandon Tate for 25 yards
2016-10-23 LeSean McCoy: "I Gave it All I Had"
2016-10-23 Tyrod Taylor: "It was Tough to Get in a Groove"
2016-10-23 Lorenzo Alexander: "We didn't Execute as a Team"
2016-10-23 Week 7: Bills vs. Dolphins highlights
2016-10-23 Watch: Buffalo's Win Streak Ends in Miami
2016-10-24 Watch: Lawson Makes Debut, Ajayi Runs Strong
2016-10-24 Carubba Collision: Lorenzo Alexander Run Stuff
2016-10-24 Call of the Game: Tyrod Taylor's 10 Yard TD Run
2016-10-24 Wired for Sound: Shaq Lawson
2016-10-24 Rex Ryan: "We Need to Make More Plays"
2016-10-25 30 Blitz: Bills vs Dolphins
2016-10-26 Trauma Team Recognition and Ticket Giveaway
2016-10-26 Marcell Dareus: "I'm Playing Sunday, I Can't Wait"
2016-10-26 Tyrod Taylor: "It Boils Down To Your Execution"
2016-10-26 Robert Woods: "Get Every Rep I Can"
2016-10-26 Rex Ryan: "We Need to Have a Great Plan"
2016-10-26 Preston Brown: "Make Plays on the Ball"
2016-10-26 Watch: Dareus to play, Injury Update
2016-10-27 Alexander: "We're Gonna Have Our Hands Full"
2016-10-27 Robey-Coleman: "We Have to Lie to Him"
2016-10-27 Brotherhood: An Inside Look at the Bills Secondary
2016-10-27 Move the Sticks predicts Bills vs. Patriots
2016-10-27 Rex Ryan: "Focus is on Playing the Game"
2016-10-27 Anthony Lynn: "Win With What You Have"
2016-10-27 Watch: A G.O.A.T. Prank
2016-10-27 Dennis Thurman: "Excited to Get Him Back"
2016-10-27 Coming Soon: "Patriots vs. Bills"
2016-10-28 Bills By the Numbers: Equipment Sizes
2016-10-28 Watch: Toyota Rookie Club visits Frightworld
2016-10-28 Rex Ryan: "We Will Play All Those Guys"
2016-10-28 Watch: Patriots-Bills Preview
2016-10-28 Robert Woods: "I Feel Pretty Confident"
2016-10-28 Diamond in the Rough: P Colton Schmidt
2016-10-29 Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons
2016-10-30 Tyrod Taylor finds Reggie Bush for 25 yards
2016-10-30 Tyrod Taylor escapes the pressure and finds Jerome Felton for 22 yards
2016-10-30 Mike Gillislee finds a lane for 28 yards
2016-10-30 Tom Brady sacked by Kyle Williams
2016-10-30 Tyrod Taylor hits Jerome Felton on juggling catch
2016-10-30 Tom Brady hit hard by Preston Brown on the 3rd down sack
2016-10-30 Mike Gillislee plows through the line for 3-yard TD
2016-10-30 Colton Smith turns 4th down play into 16-yard 1st down
2016-10-30 Tyrod Taylor hits Robert Woods for 20 yards
2016-10-30 Shaq Lawson gets his first NFL sack on Tom Brady
2016-10-30 Bills defense swarms Tom Brady for sack
2016-10-30 Tyrod Taylor makes acrobatic escape on 17-yard scramble
2016-10-30 Walter Powell hangs on to EJ Manuel's 35-yard toss
2016-10-30 EJ Manuel finds a wide open Nick O'Leary on the 2-point conversion
2016-10-30 Jonathan Williams finds the end zone on 1-yard TD run
2016-10-30 Can't-Miss Play; Tyrod Taylor sprints up the middle on 4th down for 26-yard TD
2016-10-30 Jimmy Garoppolo slammed to the turf by Zach Brown
2016-10-30 Rex Ryan: "We Gotta Improve"
2016-10-30 Tyrod Taylor: "We Left Some Plays Out There"
2016-10-30 Marcell Dareus: "I Felt Pretty Good"
2016-10-30 Williams: "Can't Give Them Extra Opportunities"
2016-10-30 Week 8: Patriots vs. Bills highlights
2016-10-30 Watch: Bills Fall Short vs. Patriots
2016-10-31 Watch: Bills Struggle on Third Down
2016-10-31 Call of the Game: Tyrod Taylor TD Run
2016-10-31 Top 5 Runs | Week 8
2016-10-31 Carubba Collision: Preston Brown Sacks Brady
2016-10-31 Wired for Sound: Charles Clay
2016-10-31 Rex Ryan: "We Have to do a Better Job"